The Special Blue Potty!

So my daughter is finally toilet trained!  And by finally I mean that she has been toilet trained at daycare since the springtime, but as soon as she got home I had to pin her down to put a diaper on her or else I’d be cleaning up # 1 and # 2 off the carpet.  My daughter has now been doing both 1′s and 2′s in the potty at home for a couple weeks so in my mind she’s finally toilet trained!!  And all it took was her special blue potty.  Her fourth potty.  Yes, I said four potties.

We have potty #1, a cushioned potty seat that goes into the “adult” toilet (easiest to cleanup of course).  My daughter liked this one at first because she could go in the toilet that mommy and daddy use, and it has handles on it so she can hold onto something.  However she was playing around with it one day and fell down when it came off the toilet.  That was the end of the purple potty.  I couldn’t convince her to use it again (still working on it).

And then came potty #2, a high top Baby Bjorn potty, also known as the “red potty”.  Not as easy to clean but it’s portable which is especially handy since we don’t have a washroom on the main floor.  It ended up in front of the TV so my daughter could watch Dora.  It was the only way she would sit in it after she came home from daycare.  However this potty stopped “working” as my daughter decided she wanted to play instead of watch Dora on the potty.  She of course would forget she had to go when she was playing.  All of a sudden I’d hear her say “PEE!” and I’d rush over and she had already wet herself.  Grrreat.  She didn’t even seem bothered by it at all and kept on playing.

So I tried setting a timer every 10 mins like the daycare suggested but it soon turned into a power struggle.  Nahla it’s time to try on the potty! The timer says so! Her response: …. no. I don’t like it. Mine: Potty time! Her’s: No!!! So I let it rest and she went back to the diaper/ pull-up.  I’d gently remind her and if she wanted to go, she went (which became more and more rare).

After a few months I decided I needed to do something because she had been fully trained at daycare (and in undies) for quite some time so I knew she was capable… and the daycare also told me I was confusing her.  Grreat.

I decided to plant the seed of a “special blue potty”.  I prepared her for a week and kept reminding her about the special blue potty that was going to be here soon!  And when it comes you’ll need to pee in the potty, not in your underwear! Just like a big girl!  Like mommy, and grandma, and Auntie x, and …

So potty #3 arrived and to my amazement, my daughter willingly went on the potty when I asked her to.. time after time!

Wow  I didn’t think potty training would be so difficult.  But I’m so proud of my “big girl”! :-)

BTW we (hubby and I) also tried the following and they had no long-term impact (these were suggestions from online resources/ daycare/ friends/ my own desperation):

  • Cleaning up the mess on the carpet without saying a word and gently reminding her every x mins to go on the potty if she needed to.
  • Reward system (stickers/ extra Dora for the day).
  • Giving her an iPod Touch to watch Dora/ music videos/ anything she wanted on the potty.
  • Telling her I was very disappointed that she went in her underwear and not in the potty!
  • Telling her I didn’t like it when she went pee on the carpet.
  • Pleading with her (puh-lease. just. go. in. the. potty!!!!).

Oh and potty #4 is the portable fold-up potty for outside use.  It’s a little hard to pull the legs down.  I screwed up once and didn’t set it up properly so when my daughter sat on it, it collapsed.  Needless to say she won’t use it again.  For now I just bring the special blue potty with me wherever we go.  It’s a lot of baggage but it’s worth it to me!

Got any tips for potty training?  Did your experience go smoothly or did you want to pull your hair out like me? :-)

BTW check out this post if you need a good laugh: Approximately 3 Minutes Inside the Head of my 2 Year-Old (Thanks brother-in-law for sending this to me!)

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