Cute Bunny Rabbit Craft

Here’s another Easter craft from Nancy! My daughter absolutely loved making this bunny rabbit. It has some easy steps that children around 18 months will love to help with: like gluing the cotton balls onto the pre-glued surface. The older the child gets, the more they can do on their own; like cutting out the ears. The end result is so cute that even school age kids will enjoy this craft all on their own, or with friends!


You can make a learning day surrounding this activity. Listen to “Have you seen the Easter bunny?” song. And borrow a book from the library, some suggestions: “The runaway bunny” by author Margaret Wise, “Bunny Cakes” by author Rosemary Wells or “Bunny’s Easter Egg” by author Anne Mortimer.


Materials: Pink and white construction paper or cardstock, liquid glue, glue stick, approximately 15 cotton balls, 1 small paper plate, scissors, 2 googly eyes (any color), 1 pink pom-pom, 1 pink or black pipe cleaner.


Cost: You may have to buy some supplies, the best deals I’ve found are at the Dollar Store. Googly eyes (pack of 75 – big ones work best for most projects), pipe cleaners (pack of 40 in rainbow colors), cotton balls (pack of 100), construction paper (pack of 50) and paper plates (pack of 50 – size small). This would cost around $5.00 and the wonderful thing is that you can do so many projects once you buy these supplies!


Activity Steps:

▪    First, if you have large sized cotton balls cut them in half

▪    Cut out 2 ear shapes from the white paper

▪    Then cut out 2 slightly smaller ear shapes from the pink paper

▪    Glue the pink onto the white using the glue stick

▪    With the glue stick, attach the ears to the inside of the paper plate

▪    Put some liquid glue on the outside of the plate and add the cotton balls

▪    Cover the bottom of the plate completely with cotton balls!

▪    Add the pink pom-pom to the middle with liquid glue for the nose

▪    Add the 2 googly eyes with liquid glue

▪    Cut your pipe cleaner in half (you only need ½ for this project)

▪    Fold the cut pipe cleaner in half and twist it onto itself

▪    Curb the 2 ends of the pipe cleaner outwards to make a smile

▪    Glue the pipe cleaner with liquid glue to form the bunny’s smile



▪    If you’re doing this craft with a young child that could get impatient, I suggest cutting the cotton balls in half before hand (that’s what I did).

▪    Don’t have pipe cleaners? You can draw on the mouth with a felt marker.

▪    Don’t have paper plates on hand? Cut out a circle from cardstock or even a cardboard cereal box!

▪    Don’t have googly-eyes? Make your own with construction paper.


What I Would Have Done Differently:  Nothing! This was a big hit with my 3 year old. She did 80% of the project on her own : )


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