Spring Fling at the Rogers Centre

Below is a slideshow of Spring Fling at the Rogers Centre. We went on the weekend with $10 all-day ride passes (thanks Peachy Buy!). My 3 year-old loved the elephant and bumblebee rides. We went on them over and over and over again. She still didn’t want to go by herself on any of the rides- sat in the car but then changed her mind before the ride started. Maybe next year :-)

Spring Fling’s website is up now: http://www.springflingfun.com/ Lots of rides, fun houses, midway games, Barbie’s World on the upper level (colouring and stickers table and your child can dress up for photos), face painting (upper level), 2 tables of reptile tanks from Reptilia (upper level) and live shows on the lower level.

We parked in the Rogers Centre lot (across from Gate 9) for $25 (!!) on Sunday. Stroller check-in is $1 by Gate 108. The elevators and ramp down are by Gate 108 as well. There’s a baby changing area on the lower level with 2 change tables.

Anyone else gone yet or is planning to? What did you think of it? :-)  Will post Wizard World pics soon…

If you’d like to leave a review to advise others for next year, here’s the link!


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